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On My Mind #21: What the Media Won’t Tell You About School Shootings

It’s very simple, see.

If you watched any of the coverage this week about the horrific events in Chardon, OH, you might have noticed.

If you have watched coverage of other terrorizing events such as the massacre in Norway, the shootings in Copley, other very well known school shootings, the Virginia Tech killings, etc., you might have noticed.

If you watch public reaction (that the media lets you see) to these events, you might have noticed.

Noticed what?

You might have noticed what they don’t say.  See, here’s the trouble . . .

I watched for about an hour on Monday since it was my day off, and there was already a lot of speculation about the shooter, the use of social media, the pictures on Twitter and another site he might have used.  There were a lot of questions about the family, his background, etc.  It’s almost comical to watch the secular media try to explain something like this that happens.  Please note I am not saying the events are comical, but watching the media dance around the issue is comical.

See the discussion should never begin with external factors.  It should never begin with video games, or the “state of teens today”, or whether he was an outcast, or who his friends were.  It wouldn’t matter if he were bullied or isolated or what his motive was.

What they’ll NEVER SAY ON T.V., is the most obvious thing there is to say:

“All have sinned all fall short of the glory of God.”  Nowhere will you hear that.  These crimes are too inflammatory to simply explain.  The coverage draws too many ratings for them simply to say that sin manifests itself in the world and we’ll get back to our regular programming.  How boring would it be if they simply said five kids had been shot and it’s no different than you verbally trashing your neighbor behind his back?

No sensation there.  Tragedy, yes.  But all of it is sin, and will be until Jesus returns to this earth.  And the way out of it for that gunman is the same way out for the neighbor slandering fool.  Turn to Jesus.  Repent of your sins.  Ask him to change your life and trust only in Him to do it.  Believe His death is sufficient to forgive you of your sins.  And trust you are saved and have eternal life.

Praying for Chardon, praying for victims’ families, praying for the shooter – that Christ may be exalted in this terrible time.

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