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On My Mind #20 – Why people’s roots really matter

For those of you who know I majored in social sciences at Malone, this is not about to sound like a history book or sociology text.  People’s roots really do matter – a lot.  Where they come from, how they were raised, who raised them — all of these things contribute to characteristics later in life.

But, don’t miss my purpose here.  Be sure to read to the end.  And PLEASE know that there are ALWAYS exceptions.  I’m speaking in generalities.

1. Present characteristics are many times determined by past experiences.

Our positive and negative experiences from our past really do influence how we act later in life.  Those raised in secure, loving homes are more likely to lead a similar life in the future.  Those raised in chaos will likely breed chaos.  The roots of this can run deep, childhood experiences producing trust, anger, insecurity, and other issues long throughout adulthood.

2. Present characteristics are many times determined by present circumstances.

If someone is being incredibly negative, seems distant, or some other noticeable change in their person, before judging try to consider what circumstances may be contributing to this.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated with someone only to find out there is an incredibly difficult circumstance or trial that is eating them up.

3. It’s really difficult when #1 and #2 combine.

Enough said?  Sometimes it’s not one thing from the past or the present – it’s a combination.  Taking the time to know people and their circumstances is huge.  It also prevents superficial judgments which can hurt and divide.

4.  The MOST important point is that deep wounds and really negative roots can be completely re-written by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is not sociology, psychology, or any other ology.  It’s Christ.  When we put our faith in Him, the Holy Spirit begins to change us from the inside out.  Insecurities can be made whole when identity is found in Jesus.  Despair and guilt are traded for the love of Christ which loves past specific sins.  Hopelessness is shed for the truth of the hope of eternal life.  Grief is softened by the truth of the resurrection.  There is no negative root in our lives so deep that it can’t be cut and replaced with new roots which bear the fruit of real belief.

I hope you’ve been challenged regarding how you view others – it’s something God’s really been helping me see and experience.


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