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On My Mind #17 – what do we REALLY believe about God?

On my mind tonight – what we really believe about God. If you are an unbeliever and truly seeking to know more or get questions answered, please contact me via Facebook or email and I’ll be glad to help. Ask yourself why you don’t believe and make a list of some questions and we can go from there.

But mostly I want to ask this question to believers.

Why? You may say in your heart you believe and that’s great. I want to ask you what you really believe. See, what I’m after is this: do you think God is powerful or is your view of God shrinking?

Usually when we first believe God is awesome. Jesus is real, His cross is amazing, and forgiveness works new hope in us. But then as time goes on He seems to shrink to a size that fits our mental capacity. For example, we may SAY we believe God can heal, but do we really believe it? We may SAY God can save souls, but do we REALLY believe it?

Do we pray like it? Share like it? Live like it? We can’t live wimpy Christian lives and say we worship a mighty God! It just doesn’t compute.

So my encouragement is to ask God to reveal His mighty power to you. And believe He will actually do it. I have been struggling with this recently and God is helping me worship Him better by expanding my view of who I think He is.

He CAN heal the tumor. He CAN change the heart of the really hardened person I know. He can do amazing things. Theologically I can’t back Him into a corner where He HAS to, but I have to start believing He can. And that, friends, is changing quickly!

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