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On My Mind #11: How Joy Is Found In Trial

James 1 tells us to take joy in trials.  A lot of people pay lip service to this concept.  Here are a few thoughts on how we can do that:

1.  Trials remind us we’re not in control.  They almost always come by things that are out of our control.

2.  Trials offer opportunity for God to be at work in our lives and others’ lives.  The need for Jesus can increase as trial makes people feel desperate.

3.  Growth happens in trials.  Don’t believe me?  Read the Bible.  We find out a lot about our human character in trials by reading the Bible.  Better yet, we find out how God’s grace is bigger than our human character (which many times in the Bible leads to failure).

4.  God can use circumstances for our good.  We should never ask why God is doing things to us.  We should only ask how He can use them to better us.

As you think about these, I hope it shapes how you see trials in your life.  Be bold in worshiping Jesus in whatever circumstances come into your life!

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