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Monday Links and Bullets 9.26.11

Another Monday is here.  I surf, I share links.  Hopefully your mind is challenged, fed, or otherwise! Enjoy some links.  Below, you’ll find my bullet thoughts about life and whatever else.


Best article on parenting I’ve read in a long time.


Six reasons to join a church.

–Helpful hints to manage social media, rather than social media managing you.

–This is why (in addition to Biblical guidance) it’s a horrible idea to live together before you’re married.

–How about a call for mercy for someone being persecuted in Pakistan?


It’s sad to read this about Akron.

–Big win for Kenmore’s football team.

Awesome stories from Saturday’s Akron Marathon.


  • Praying hard.  With success comes trouble.  Learned that in church this weekend as we studied Mark 1.
  • I’m not sure there is a “normal” day in pastoral ministry.
  • For that matter, what is a normal day anywhere?  Are we ready for upheaval in our lives?  Often, God teaches us the most when upheaval comes.
  • My running season for 2011 is over.  I’d say that overall I ran well and got my body in really good shape, but my fall set of races was characterized by bad luck, low motivation, and disappointing results.  Although I ran the Akron Half Marathon Saturday at 7:03 pace (better than I expected), this season leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  I’m looking forward to some time off.
  • I don’t think I’ll be playing church basketball this year.
  • Good teams win games they shouldn’t.  Nice win, Browns.  That kind of offense, however, won’t get it done the majority of Sundays.
  • I’m praying for several situations in the lives of people I know.  The more I get to know people, the easier it is to look past imperfections and simply pray.  I hope I can grow in my ability to address difficulties as needed while loving people at a deep level.
  • Many people have plans for their lives.  What plans are you making to further your faith in Jesus Christ?

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