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Monday Links and Bullets 8.22.11

A handful of links this week.  But some good reading nonetheless.


Good thoughts about professional athletes and their faith.  Does belief imply success on the athletic field?


Christianity is vile to atheists.

–Good, challenging article about generational conflict in churches.

–Our church is doing a video conference Sunday about creation, using material from Answers in Genesis.  I posted several articles on our church blog that summarize some of the things framing a very current debate.

Really good read on mutual submission.  Text is Ephesians 5.


Photo journalism inside Fukushima, Japan.  Very interesting.  Click on each photo to see more info.


  • It is very quiet at our house.  My mom has been gracious enough to take our kids till Wednesday.
  • So what does a guy do with a Monday entirely to himself?  Catching up on some reading, listening to music, a bit of housework, some foster parent training, and I’m sure I’ll find time for a nap.
  • Race this week.  Anything can happen.
  • Had a good day this weekend in study and fellowship with the guys from our church.
  • As you pray for your pastors, pray for the confidence to preach.  What I mean is it is difficult to challenge people knowing we’re not perfect ourselves.  Most pastors will readily admit this struggle.
  • Praying for commitments that were made at church yesterday!
  • Praying for several friends hunting for jobs.
  • Saw something similar to this:  the time is soon coming when we will find out whether we built on the sand or on the Rock.

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