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Monday Links and Bullets 7.18.11

Another week, another set of links.  Check ’em out!


–Parent or not, everyone should read this short piece about parenting as a calling.  Seriously, if you don’t read anything else on here this week, click through and take less than 5 minutes to read this.


–Just a quick glimpse into the media’s view on homosexuality.

–Here is one of the best articles you’ll ever read about knowing God’s Will.


–Society:  Where do you text?   Can we de-slave ourselves to the vibrating smartphone in our pocket?

–Society:  Are colleges giving too many A’s?

–Sports:  why college athletes should be paid.

–Gloabal:  terror in India.


  • It’s a nice Monday morning here at our house with everyone home.  VBS tonight!
  • As of this morning, it’s been 29 consecutive days of running.  Almost half way through my modified plan!
  • I feel like I’m a bit behind on the details of life.  Need to spend some time going through mail, making appointments, etc.
  • There are two cucumbers in our fridge that we grew in our backyard.  Woohoo!
  • We meet the guardian ad litem today for our foster daughter.  In the event that the agency files for permanent custody, the guardian (a neutral voice to the court) has a pretty strong voice in how adoption decisions are made.
  • Jesus the name that charms our fears and bids our sorrows cease.
  • I know it’s only midsummer but I’m definitely thinking about the 2 year blog anniversary give-away (in November).  Last year it was an iPad.  What will it be this year?
  • Would you rather: 1) have 2 weeks expenses paid for rest and relaxation or 2) have 2 weeks expenses paid so you could visit a third world place, learn about its culture, and live among its people?
  • I’m struck by God’s phenomenal compassion.  He plays by rules we really can’t comprehend.

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