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Monday Links and Bullets – 6.4.12

It’s June already?  Wow.  Here we go . . .   As usual, good stuff to read.  A few of my own thoughts are in the bullets below.



–The fear of men can rob us.  Here are some very helpful things to think about.


–Outstanding short read about courage.

Take 5-10 minutes and read this.  It’s challenging to read and think about.  But there are some incredibly important concepts in here about what God does in us and how that applies to life and worship.

Saying “I will” to God’s will.


–TECH: Electric Play-doh?  Sweet!

–AFRICA:  Great innovation with something pretty gross.  Love the thinking, though!

–PERSONAL:  Help me support a great cause I’m running for this year.  AT THE LEAST… Do something that will challenge you!


  • Sounds vague, but my soul is really stirring.  It’s good.
  • It’s hard to describe, but the depths to which I am experiencing and knowing God seem to be really increasing.  It’s a good thing.
  • All six people won today on the Price is Right.  Sorry, I write this on Monday and I usually watch the Price is Right.  You’ll have to endure the occasional bullet point about one of my favorite shows.
  • Speaking of . . . another favorite show I have is Shark Tank.  It says something if I’m willing to look up the show online and watch it.
  • Prayer – its role is vastly underestimated.  Vastly.  If you church has a prayer gathering, do you go?  If not, why?  The answers to that question would tell quite a bit about prayer and our attitudes toward it.
  • There are a lot of decisions we seem to be wrestling through, all at the same time.  Wisdom needed! MUCH!
  • This upcoming summer season will be unlike anything else I ever experience.  It will be very exciting with some unique opportunities.
  • Similarly, I am praying God does some very unique things in our lives – and in our church’s ministry.
  • Disciples.  Go. Make. Disciples.



  1. josiahsprague says:

    Thanks for the links. It is good to remember how our Faith can give us courage and make fear seem small.

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