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Monday Links and Bullets 5.14.12

Some great articles to check out.  Some of my bullet thoughts about life below:



–I am continually fascinated and torn over the debate regarding gay marriage.  The comment section on this link will give some great insight into what others are thinking.  To repeat:  The main goal of Christianity is NOT to defeat gay marriage.


–Sin reduces us to fools.  This is very well said.

Why Obama’s use of Scripture isn’t Scriptural.  Gotta think on this, at least do that.

–This athlete has thought through who he is in light of the cross.  Do we think this way?

Orientation, or choice?

–A good video.  Really good challenge here.  Would you abort a baby born blind?


  • I love how morality shift depending on what people want.  Unreal.  Watch TV for an hour and you’ll no doubt see it.  It’s wrong to lie on your resume but it’s almost impossible to let your children watch commercials during a basketball game because they glorify all kinds of craziness? Hmmm…
  • So exciting today to reflect on yesterday.  A great day celebrating mothers.  A great day watching our daughter Alexa affirm her faith in Christ through baptism.
  • First time in 13 years I made Julie breakfast in bed.  In my opinion, she is the best mom.  I think I’m biased.
  • Looking forward to some time to be re-charged over the next couple days.
  • Baseball: the Indians are a difficult team to figure out.  Good to see Pettite pitching again for the Yankees, too bad he wasn’t good enough to win.  Seriously, we got dominated by Kevin Millwood?
  • I was explaining to our son David yesterday that we never root for the Heat, and he made the connection that they were like the Steelers.  Perfect.
  • Prayed last night for people who have a difficult time on Mother’s Day.  It’s not a great day for everyone.
  • Do you want to see Jesus change someone’s life?
  • Anyone excited to see the Olympics this year?  I can’t believe it’s already four years after Beijing.
  • What dominates your agenda as you wake up each day?  Where do your thoughts, affections, and decision making process go?

Have a great Monday everyone.

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