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Monday Links and Bullets 4.8.13

Another Monday – here we go!   Enjoy some articles I found challenging (links) followed by some of my thinking/rambling below (bullets).


Link of the Week

The bad news about good news.  Here’s a challenging way to think about news.

The Christian Faith

What keeps you up at night?  Here’s a good challenge from a familiar source.  Think about Jesus and what kept Him up!

Is sports a religion?  If your kids are in sports or activities, this is a good article that will help you think through priorities.


The young and credit-less.  If you have children in the teen years, this is a good educational piece.

Do we really need more reminders about limiting the use of social media?  While focusing on teens, this article I think (fear?) is true in many ways for adults as well.


Faith and Challenge:

  • I am just as enamored with the truth of the resurrection as I was last Monday!
  • I am overwhelmed that Project Shine was able to raise $7500 at our Silent Auction last Friday.  It is shaping up to be an incredible season of ministry.
  • If you are committed to making disciples as a follower of Christ (and you should be), how does that look for you THIS WEEK?  Are you praying for someone? Are you leading someone through the Bible?  Are you evangelizing, or encouraging others to do so? Are you leading your family?  Think, think, think!
  • Grace does NOT merely equal out our sin.  It is MORE than our sin.  It EXCEEDS our sin.


  • I have been figuring out how to block game requests and certain types of posts on Facebook.  It is really helping me enjoy the experience!
  • I am feeling ready to begin some spring projects – namely getting our back yard cleaned up!


  • What a challenge it is to parent on a balance between love and fear.  Wow, there are times we need to be harsh.  And there are times we must be loving.  
  • Parenting is hard work.  For those new to parenting, some of the best encouragement I’ve received is that it takes a lot of energy to parent well.  I agree with this.  Without intentionality and a lot of communication, parenting will be even more difficult because the kids will think they run the place.  And that intentionality and communication? It comes in addition to everything else you do in your life!
  • It’s a good thing God gives us grace and strength in the process!


  • I am not surprised the Yankees are 2-4.  If they could get any consistent pitching, it seems like their offense is okay (not great, just okay) so far. Atrocious pitching means you lose two thirds of your games.  That would make for a long year if they can’t get it figured out!
  • It’s too bad the Yankees are in Cleveland this week.  I’d rather their once per year visit come in the summer time when it’s a bit more convenient!
  • Church basketball is over.  Softball will begin soon.  I’m looking forward to it!
  • I’m running a 5K the first weekend of May.  At one point I thought I’d be able to run a good time.  Now, I really don’t see that happening 🙁

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