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Monday links and bullets 4.23.12

Another week, another good batch of helpful articles. You’ll find some of my bullet thoughts below.


Six unbiblical ways to change. This is a fantastic website. I’ll continue to share articles from here.

–Here’s a great read about the Norway killer’s trial. It’s good to wrestle with some heavy things.

–It is amazing to me how atheists will misrepresent Bible believing Christians. Check this one out.

–Here’s a very challenging piece about abortion. Are you ashamed?

Why should this law have to come about?

–Ever wondered how pastors decide who they will marry? Someone wrote a good article. Read it.


Health care.

Plight of women in Somalia (really worth your read to education yourself).


* I have been really moved on behalf of the older folks in our church during a time of several losses of long time friends.

* I am glad we worship Jesus who offers us hope beyond death. I don’t know how people deal with death any other way. I really don’t.

* I am processing a message I listened to within the past 24 hours. It is about the cross of Christ and its power to break the curse of sin. It was fantastic.

* There are a lot of things I hope to get better at doing.

* I wrote last week that I plan to run a 50 mile race this November. I am 90%+ convinced I can do it.

* I really think parents need to have a plan to begin talking to their kids about sex at (relatively) early ages. Our daughter turns nine this year (gasp) and I am not convinced we’re that far away from needing to begin stirring what she thinks. Further, I don’t believe in “the talk” model. I think ongoing conversations are the best.

* I am so fed up with some of the shows I watch that I’m about to quit watching. It is becoming very difficult to watch TV due to blatant immoral sexuality and homosexuality. My favorite show? Good luck Charlie. Seriously, my kids watch it on Netflix and Disney runs it. It would have been 8:00 prime time TV when I was growing up. Not now.

* I am praying hard for a number of situations. I really believe God is moving in a number of situations in a number of people’s lives.

* It is only Monday and I am already very excited to preach this coming Sunday. I heard a sermon recently about the passage I’ll be preaching and it stoked me greatly.

Have a great week everyone!

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