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Monday Links and Bullets – 4.15.13

Tax day – no problem here, but if you’re struggling, maybe you’ll enjoy some thinking.  Links (articles I’d like to share) and bullets (a collection of my own rambling).  Be challenged!


Link of the Week

Do you ever start conversations about Jesus?  If you’re a Christian and you don’t, you should.  Here’s one idea how.

Christian Faith

What is our attitude toward rich and successful people?  Do we harp on people like Matt Lauer just because?

You may have heard that Pastor Rick Warren’s son killed himself.  Here is the best article I found on the topic.  It’s about leadership and taking shots from critics.  Similarly, here are eleven myths about suicidal individuals.

This is dumb.  And, it happened at a seminary.

Gosnell. What does that name mean to you?  It should mean the same as Dahmer, Manson, etc.  He’s an horrific killer, and he’s on trial right now.  Here’s one of the best articles I’ve read about this trial.  I don’t care what you believe about abortion, you should know about this trial (the media is not giving it much coverage).

Here’s a rapper who called out prosperity preachers.

Yes.  Family matters.  And, what kids know about your family matters.


I love Jesus

  • I don’t ever want to stop thinking about how big the love of Jesus really is.  
  • I’m sure Satan doesn’t want me to know how big His love is, or that His love really applies to me.
  • Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7)
  • I am really praying for some opportunities to share my faith!


  • Bedrooms where there are diapers (used) really smell.  This is not a new revelation after years and years of this as parents, but has anyone ever thought about putting an exhaust fan in a bedroom?
  • I really enjoy eating breakfast for dinner.  It seems more relaxing to have a nice breakfast at dinner time without the pressures of the day starting to press in.
  • I dislike having the heat and the A/C on in the car in the same week.


  • I went to the Indians / Yankees rainout last Thursday fully expecting to see a game.  I left very dissatisfied they didn’t play.  There was no reason to postpone the game.  None.  And, you guessed, I am unable to attend the makeup.
  • The Indians are playing well.  They are definitely a different team this year.  I think one of the most significant improvements is Reynolds.  He strikes out a lot, but he is a big time power bat.  There are less places for pitchers to hide in the lineup they have.


  • Lexi got a letter in the mail from the place where she does gymnastics.  They invited her to think about the next level of gymnastics (we’re really not sure what that means), but the tone of the letter was complimentary of her abilities.  As a joke, I asked her if she made that on the computer and mailed it to herself.  She just laughed at me and said “no”.  I’m glad we can be silly sometimes.  I was really happy for her because she wasn’t sure what was next after doing a couple intro sessions at the gym she goes to.
  • Summer is coming.  That means we will need to be intentional about striking a balance between family time and the opportunity to have lots of kids in our home.

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