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Monday Links and Bullets 3.19.12

Third Monday of March already.  Here we go.



This is from the Catholic perspective, but really applies in a broad sense to Christians.  Fantastic piece about the world we’re living in.  A lot of people think it’s unreal.


When I am God (very challenging article).

Should someone get a divorce if they’re miserable?

Christians and MMA.  What do you think?

How to receive criticism.

Another good piece to help think about Kony 2012.

–Excellent wisdom here for brothers and sisters of all ages.


How Google+ ruined the company.


  • I had breakfast with three other guys this morning.  One had to counsel someone whose wife was having an affair with a pastor.  One was going to visit the son of a congregation member – in jail.  The other was going to a 3rd grade class – to tell them one of their classmates died this weekend.  Sort of puts having a 19 month old blonde cutie smile at you all morning in perspective.
  • What a fantastic day of worship yesterday.
  • Praying so hard today for friends and situations.  I’m carrying a heavy burden in a number of different areas.  Wow I just feel heavy today with burden for others.
  • I am excited to get caught up on some reading today.  I need to get in gear and do some reading for the class I’m enrolled in!
  • Two of my final four (Baylor, Kansas) are still alive!  Not looking too good, but hey if Baylor can pull it off I’m going to be in good shape.
  • Go and make disciples.
  • I am praying the Holy Spirit will be real to me more and more in my life.
  • Pray today for someone who’s lost someone recently.  Then call or text them and encourage them to hang in there!
  • Excited for a speaking opportunity this weekend in front of a great group of teenagers.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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