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Monday Links and Bullets 3.18.13

Another Monday, so here we go. Check out some thought-provoking articles, followed by a loose organization of my own bullet thoughts below.


Link of the Week:

If you haven’t seen what Billy Joel did recently, you have to watch this. Watch the first minute or so and try to imagine what this would be like!

Christian Faith

I don’t agree with all these, but this is a good article about what teens should do with their money.

Heaven probably seems boring to a lot of Christians. Here’s a good take on why.

Please. Don’t get the Gospel wrong!

Encouragement for young mothers (I’d extend this to young families)


An interesting article on prison reform.



  • If you are a believer in Jesus, think about how you were saved. Did you do it yourself, on your own power? Chances are you’d answer no (and you’d be right!). If that is the case, then are you trying to live out your Christian life on your own power? The answer should be “no” for this also.
  • Is the Christian faith something that is a part of your life, or the center of your life? Better, ask the same question about God. What gods do we worship that take our focus off God?
  • It is DIFFICULT to put Jesus above other priorities such as money, family, sports, hobbies, etc. I’m not convinced I have all this right, but at least the fight for priorities is well defined.


  • I enjoy working with people. I really do. I’d say the main drawback is simple lack of communication. It is very hard to communicate effectively in this day and age!
  • What abilities do you have that others need? Don’t be selfish – share your gifts and talents! This might mean getting involved in something.


  • Seems like the Browns are trying to buy a nice defense. How about an offensive stud? I’m very curious to see where the first round draft pick goes.


  • I heard it said one time that family is all you have in this life. You’ll have various jobs, churches, associations depending on how much you move around. But, you’ll have one family.
  • I’ll re-share a quote I heard about dads: God shared his sacred title with us. How we treat our kids will greatly influence their understanding their Father in heaven.

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