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Monday Links and Bullets 2.13.12

I really hope you enjoy reading and being challenged.  There are some great articles this week. You will be really encouraged to read some of these, so grab a cup of coffee and be encouraged!


–So many good articles this week.  I think this one is the best. Be encouraged to consider others in worship.


Such a good quote about Jesus.  Take a few minutes and reflect on this.

Love as our primary motive.  A great quote from a blog I’ve begun reading recently.

Here’s some help discerning depression.

–Yes, the health care fiasco matters.  Two articles:  1) We should fight this. 2) The President is lying.

Does it matter how many people go to your church? A great, short, note to help think through this.

This is how to handle an unexpected trial in your life.


–Gotta remember this is still real.

–If you’re married, are you prepared to go through this?

–I have strong convictions about parenting.  Although not written from a Biblical or Christian perspective, I agree with most of this article.


  • Having no bacon, other meat, or vegetables to add to my scrambled eggs this morning (a Monday morning routine), I reached for the closest thing – a bag of Cheetos.  I crumbled some up, sprinkled some shredded cheddar on top, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I realize this is not of much significance, but it was different enough to mention.
  • Yesterday was a very challenging day as a pastor = meaning I was very challenged by the things I preached.
  • I think every young Christian should have a relationship with an older Christian. For example, if you’re in your teens or twenties, you should know someone in their 60’s and up.  I think this is really healthy and both sides can learn a lot.
  • Whenever the Price is Right comes on, I miss my kids.  Then I get over it.
  • So Whitney Houston is dead.  Sad.  If you’re prone to be attracted to celebrity deaths, be sure to balance it out by showing concern for people you actually know who are affected by death.
  • Apparently a lot of people watched the Grammys.  I might check out this Adele singer lady.
  • Had a great day Saturday – got some stuff organized and got to enjoy an evening with my bride.
  • One would think if ya know you’re due a refund you’d get your taxes done.  Today perhaps?
  • Significant things seem to be happening – this is a very active season in my life and in our lives (family & marriage).

Have a great Monday everyone!

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