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Monday Links and Bullets 2.11.13

Each Monday I share a set of articles (links) I have found in the past week.  Also, I share a few of my own thoughts (bullets).  I’ll be along Friday with the link from the articles that generates the most interest.


Link of the Week

MATURITY: Properly giving and receiving criticism, in my opinion, is a huge sign of maturity.  Here’s an article that helps think about how to do it well.

The Christian Faith

PRAYER: Pray for pastors!

CHURCH: Do you think Christians should cheer God like we were at a football game?  Some interesting thoughts here.

ABORTION: We should Cry out against stuff like this.

GAY MARRIAGE: Some excellent thoughts about preparing for the gay marriage revolution.  Christians, focus on #2 on this list!

MARRIAGE: Here’s some excellent thoughts for someone caught in a difficult marriage.



  • Here’s a great quote to help you think about the pastoral ministry: “Banish professionalism from our midst, O God, and in its place put passionate prayer, poverty of spirit, hunger for god, rigorous study of holy things, white-hot devotion to Jesus Christ, utter indifference to all material gain, and unremitting labor to rescue the perishing, perfect the saints, and glorify our sovereign Lord.  In Jesus’ great and powerful name.  Amen.” (John Piper)  **note:  if anyone wants to get ahead on pastor appreciation month in October, a wall hanging of this quote would be fantastic!
  • Have you ever had a song that really connects with you, that literally stirs your soul as you hear it and/or sing it?  This is one that has really had my mind and heart fluttering recently: Christ is Risen by Matt Maher.
  • I don’t know if you’ve heard the term “nominal Christian”.  It supposedly refers to people who claim to be Christians but don’t really do much with their faith.  Trouble is . . . there really aren’t nominal Christians in the Bible.  Hmmmmm…..


  • I think the Super Bowl was great. What a fantastic post season for Flacco.  Zero, count them, zero interceptions.  Wow!
  • Indians sign Dice – K: HA!
  • Yankees sign Hafner (several weeks ago): HA!
  • Pitchers and catchers report.  TODAY!  Let baseball season begin in earnest.
  • There were some wild college basketball games this past weekend.  Too bad Ohio State looked out-coached and under-talented (is it me or is this a recurring theme?)


  • We’ve had some interesting conversations recently about having children with entirely different personalities.  Yeah.  That applies to us!
  • If you are passionate about a cause, an event, a tragedy, or some other such thing, let me encourage you: don’t just talk, do something!
  • It’s not every day your favorite band comes out with a new album.  Here’s my review of Red’s latest.  It was released last week. It really is a good album and I was surprised by it!



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