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Monday Links and Bullets 12.31.12 – Last Post of the Year!

Here is the last post of the year. Links to share first, then bullet thoughts.  Don’t expect much.  I’m tired and it’s late.



Where was God in 2012? A different take here on God’s goodness.


What if we treated gossip like pornography?  Wow, what a great article.

Top 10 posts of a women’s blog (called Hermeneutics).  There are good articles here worth looking through.  Men, it’s cool to look too.

The conflict will not go away by itself.  Please read this article!



  • Spiritual growth in our church and family.  Working with new believers is one of the greatest joys.  Our daughter was baptized this year, a definite highlight as well.
  • The adoption of Jocelyn Burkholder.  Not much else to say on this, but praise God.
  • Very memorable: my mom moved out of our childhood home.
  • Very memorable: my brother moved to Australia!
  • A January retreat with Julie that really provided the foundation for a lot of what was accomplished this year.
  • Many great memories with family and friends.


  • Listen, I don’t care that the Browns fired Shurmur.  I thought he looked over-matched as a head coach. I’m upset they fired Heckert, he was great on the personnel side.
  • Not too much in the final playoff teams disputes my theory that teams with great QB’s make the playoffs and those who don’t, don’t.
  • Looking forward to some more football tomorrow.
  • I think the Cowboys should just let Romo go and start over.  It’s got to be clear by now that Romo just can’t come through in the clutch.


  • I am truly anxious to see what God will do in 2013.
  • I am missing a lot of people that we laid to rest in 2012.  I am glad they are in eternity, but there is definitely a sense of hurt for those left behind.
  • Go. Make. Disciples.  Who knows where God will lead us in this command as the new year dawns.


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