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Monday Links and Bullets 12.3.12

It’s December already.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  As usual, it’s Monday.  Here are a collection of some articles I’d like to share from my reading over the past week (links) followed by a collection of my own thoughts (bullets).  Enjoy and be challenged!



Your phone will be divisive in your human interaction. At least at some point and in some way, this is true.


Five signs you are glorifying yourself.  Directed at pastors, but good for all Christians.

–I believe the rights of Christians are slowly (or quickly) eroding in this country.  Here’s a good piece of evidence.  This is worth your read.

–Here’s a good article from a guy who’s local to the Akron area.  He’s been a real encouragement to me.

–Something obvious about the age of the earth.

A warning to workaholics.  As usual, Ray Pritchard is pretty good.

–Would you be brave to try this?  A small act of bravery was an interesting challenge to me.



  • God is spectacular.  It’s truly impossible to completely describe everything He is.
  • It is impossible for me to get through the song “Always” without emotionally stumbling.  It’s a very moving musical arrangement of very powerful truth.  Here’s a link to a YouTube post so you can hear it.
  • There is no amount of worrying anyone can do that will change the outcome of anything.


  • Browns win.  They did what winning teams are supposed to do, either home away.  Up by only three in the fourth quarter and the opponent driving for a score, they took the ball away and drove the length of the field for a touchdown and a 10 point lead with about three minutes to go.  THAT’S what winning teams do.
  • Baseball winter meetings are this week.  It’s exciting to see the activity of contracts, trades, and rumors that come out of a few days of every team’s executives being holed up in one big hotel.  I’m hoping the Yankees trade Curtis Granderson.
  • I also predict the Yankees will sign Josh Hamilton.  Not buying the Yankees’ talk of trying to reduce payroll.
  • Bob Costas completely whiffed last night on Sunday night football.  You can find the clip on YouTube on your own time, but using a tragedy that left two people dead in a murder – suicide to make a point about gun laws was professionally sleazy.  Totally uncalled for – GRRRR! Bob Costas is usually above something like this.


  • There is a great powdered creamer from Coffee Mate that is a vanilla latte flavor.  Excellent!
  • I’ve enjoyed my Monday off.  I’ve gotten a few things done and found plenty of time for reading and enjoyment.
  • Praying for a good friend involved today in a double knee cap replacement surgery.  Lifting up the family too!
  • Looking forward to some good family time tonight.  We have been working to organize our time and the kids’ time just a bit better.  School, music, other stuff need to stay in balance and discipleship needs to stay the priority!
  • Studying a powerful verse (Mark 11:20-26) for this Sunday’s message.  We must consider the power of forgiveness.


Have a great Monday and a great week.

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