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Monday Links and Bullets – 12.17.12

Another week begins.  A crazy, difficult, heart-breaking but at the same time joy filling week has passed.  Articles I want to share (links) and my own thoughts (bullets).  Enjoy and be challenged!



Here’s a good article on Newtown.  More later about this horrific tragedy, but for now a good article to challenge your thinking should help.


One other article about something in this tragedy (and others) that really sticks out.  Please read this as it highlights things we may not think of if we’re not dealing with severe mental illness.


This short read will help you understand why I really respect John Piper.  He is challenging and very well put together in the way he communicates.


When parents take back Facebook.

Parents fear long term consequences of online usage by their kids.


At the high school level, I am opposed to this.



  • I think the main conversation Christians should be having regarding Newtown is about the Gospel.
  • I am filled with joy and won’t change the life I’m called to live because of perceived or real fear.  I do not fear anyone who can harm me physically or kill this physical body.
  • Had a conversation at breakfast this morning about maximizing Christmas.  How will you use this season to be acutely aware of the need around you and respond?
  • Who do you know who needs encouraged today?


  • Julie and I are both off today.  It’s been good to get caught up on some stuff around the house, do some shopping, and plan some service and encouragement.
  • I am anxious to begin thinking about 2013 and the opportunities it will hold both personally and as a church body.
  • I have lots of thoughts about Newtown that I will probably flesh out in a blog post this week, but my main concern is this: I don’t think our society knows how put people first.
  • Do you have the ability to think critically?  What do you think that means?  Are you able to respect others you disagree with?  Things I’m wrestling with . . .


  • Hey Browns: Don’t keep Shurmur.  He’s a terrible coach.  It’s probably good the Browns lost so there’s no temptation to keep this guy.
  • I am getting the urge to run or work out or at least do something to burn some calories.
  • Indians: sign Nick Swisher.  Yankees: sign Michael Bourn and trade Granderson.

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