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Monday Links and Bullets 12.13.10

Here are this week’s links.


Is it too repetitive to talk about the gospel all the time?


Spend well this Christmas.

Should Christians play football?  Certainly an interesting read.

Five reasons to send your pastor to a conference. Seriously, this is not a suggestion or a plea, but I thought I would share.  It’s interesting.

–Your life is unique.  There are some things you will never do.


–No one was hurt.  I promise.  I really found this to be funny.

–This is truly amazing.  And very creative.

What the internet killed. From Newsweek.

About Urban Meyer.  Ouch.

–Why someone would turn down a chance at the NFL.


  • We had a Turkish pastor as our guest yesterday.  It was very interesting – and very, very challenging.  He did not consider himself to be special just because he faced special challenges.  He talked in a matter of fact manner about the call Jesus had placed on his life.
  • I think the Browns will finish 6-10 and Mangini will be fired.
  • I am thrilled for our friends who are UA soccer fans.  And yes, I’ll go just a smidge bandwagon and say I’m excited somebody finally won something in this town.
  • What I want for Christmas: I want people around the world to have real hope, peace, joy, and love through Jesus Christ – despite how they were raised and the political climate they live in.
  • How do you define discipleship?  I think it’s something a Christian should think through.  I think a basic definition is practicing what we know the Bible says (this involves actions based on solid learning).  How challenging is this if we think about it?
  • It is a real struggle for me to interact with tragedy and the influence of stress in people’s lives.  I truly am sorry when people suffer because of loss or physical decline of loved ones.  It is so difficult to know what to say or how to respond, other than to reassure that prayer and support are always available.  If you’re struggling because of difficult circumstances, I am praying for you!
  • Along those lines, stop for a minute and think of those you know who have lost someone – a parent, friend, or other relative.  How about sending them a card or giving them a call and letting them know that you are praying for them and that you know this time of year is difficult?  How many people would be encouraged if everyone who read this called one person or sent one card?

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