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Monday Links and Bullets 11.12.12

CONGRATULATIONS! – to JILL CULBERTSON, who won the third anniversary iPad giveaway.  There were 14 entrants, so the odds were good.

A big thanks to everyone who entered – maybe next year!  On to this week’s links and bullets.



Eight trends for children and parents.  I found this article enlightening and I’d like anyone either parenting or working with children to take the time to read this.


–I happen to agree with this one: why boys shouldn’t play football with girls.

–My friend Brad Horner is blogging.  This article about coming to Christ as a small child should give you an idea of his writing abilities.  In two words: thoughtful, challenging.


–MATH – it IS painful.

–POLITICS – check out this really young winner for state school board in Ohio.

–SPORTS – This IS a no-brainer, even though some idiot fans think it’s not.  Great article with a great point.


  • I’m really excited to see what God can do in and through our church and our local community.  I am praying through some challenging things for this Sunday as we take a day for “year in review”.
  • Can I just say that I am struggling out loud here with the education dilemma?  There are many Christians who believe I am doing wrong by my children to keep them in public schools.  Guess I’ll keep praying.  My conviction level just isn’t there yet.
  • Speaking of parenting, it’s been two weeks since Jocelyn officially joined our family!  It is definitely a different feeling and perception knowing she is in our family permanently.
  • I am struck today by how consistently God provides.  I hope I NEVER take that for granted.
  • I made an off handed comment to Julie last night as we were discussing our lives.  I will share it here for you to process:  “One of the greatest values I wish I could pass on is the ability to be content with very little.”  There have been several years of our marriage (earlier on) where we lived on very little income and we were content.  Maybe a little stressed, but content.  And as our income has risen, our values haven’t really changed.  Our month to month debt and expenses aren’t much different at all.  The only thing that has risen significantly is our saving and giving (and our grocery bill since we went from zero to three kids).
  • Some have asked us if we will continue to foster.  The short answer: we’re not doing anything with that question until the early part of 2013.
  • If you’ve been blessed, bless someone else!
  • If you have Jesus and are claiming to be his disciple, then go an make another disciple.  That will mean praying, sharing boldly, inviting someone to study the Bible with you, and getting involved in someone’s life.  Every disciple should be a disciple maker.  My favorite line from last weekend’s discipleship event called “Multiply”: Make disciples, don’t make excuses.

Have a great Monday everyone.

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