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Monday Links and Bullets – 10.3.11

Another Monday.  I enjoy writing this each week and doing some additional writing throughout the week.  This week check out some exciting links – and at the very bottom, some exciting news.


–We’ll be talking at our church a lot in the coming weeks about evangelism.  Here are some great thoughts about why we don’t do it.


–These are very good thoughts about censorship and the Christian faith.  Worth the read.

–News has been circulating about a pastor in Iran who may be killed.  There are contradictory reports out there, but here is a piece about it.  Praying against something so stupid.

–It’s a good thing to be aware that things like this are happening.


This is an unbelievable crime against a child – and there’s a book selling on Amazon that encourages this type of stuff?

This is weird, but sort of funny.  A farmer told a star filming on his property to put some clothes on.



  • I pray Christians will stay focused with the election season coming up.
  • I pray that God will challenge Christians in the care of our church’s leadership.
  • I pray that God will bless our church’s ministries and provide wisdom to us as we lead.
  • Hell is a real place of forever darkness.  People who don’t know Jesus go there – did I mention this is forever?  Christians, why don’t the people in our lives know we care for them?
  • I don’t like the Yankees chances going back to Detroit.  Verlander on his home field and then the Yanks running A.J. Burnett out there for Game 4 doesn’t sound like a good combination.
  • The Browns have a lot of work to do, although I really do think Tennessee is a very good team at this point.
  • The Sunday night game was a total mess, but the Ravens D looks seriously fierce.
  • NBA who?
  • I am hoping to end my fight with Time Warner today.  I cancelled in the beginning of September and they’re trying to charge me money for a billing period AFTER that.
  • A big thanks to two friends – Jeremy Veppert and Aaron Hurd – for helping us build a shed (mostly) over the weekend on our property.  Should be done sometime this week!
  • As frustrating as it was to have the bus arrive 15 minutes late in cold weather, it was just as nice to have several hours today with our foster daughter.  I just love watching her play, and playing along with her.
Last year on the one year anniversary of being committed to this blog I did a special giveaway of an iPad, just to be a blessing and challenge myself to give something away that I really wanted.  The 2 year anniversary is coming up and I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a similar give-away.  The contest for the give away will begin October 31st (details to come).  I am still not settled on what I’ll be giving away (yes my wife knows about this), but the spirit is the same.  It’s not to draw attention to myself or to my blog, it’s to be a blessing.  Giving something valuable away was such an awesome experience I’m looking forward to doing it again.  Stay tuned: I’ll probably have a final announcement by next week.
I’ll be back along on Wednesday with my second “On My Mind” blog post.

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