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Monday Links and Bullets 10.22.12

3rd Anniversary iPad give-away:

Coming up soon is the third anniversary of writing my blog. I have a lot of fun writing this and I get encouraged when folks share with me how they are challenged. On Monday, November 4 I will post the rules for the iPad giveaway contest. The last two years I’ve given away an iPad (with my wife’s full support!) on the anniversary of the blog and we’d love to do it again.

Here are this week’s links and bullets:


You really can’t do all things through Christ. Good challenge regarding how you approach Scripture verses.

Don’t avoid church discipline. If you are asking what that is, this would be a great read for you!

–Hate to have to post this, but it made me think. Here are some ways to spot sexual abuse.

What is the greatest threat to your hunger for God? Wow is this a short but powerful read.

No way. No. Stinking. Way.

–Here’s a shocking American personal financial statistic.


* What a great missions conference this weekend. Wonderful challenges all the way around.
* It was nice this weekend to sit and be challenged, rather than my usual leading role.
* Enjoying some down time these couple days!
* Discipleship, discipleship, discipleship.
* Why is everyone asking what is wrong with the Yankees? Sure they’ve got some issues, but
the attention should be on Detroit for kicking their butt!
* Ohio State good, Browns bad.
* When is this election over? I have no interest in watching the debate tonight. All baseball for me.
* Prayer – something you do to earn God’s favor or praise Him for what He’s given you?
Is it something you do out of trust for God who knows the plans or in desperation because His
plans aren’t yours?

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