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Monday Links and Bullets 10.10.11

Another Monday.  More good links to read.  Some bullet thoughts too . . . and big fun at the bottom of today’s post.


Piers Morgan interviewed Joel Osteen.  Very telling.


–Good thoughts on Christians and alcohol.

Extended adolescence – this trend is real and you should know about it, especially if you work with young people.


Only 60 babies a year are adopted in England.

–This opinion article says neither choice is the right one in Ohio’s issue 2.

Just a little overboard here.

–How many Steve Jobs have been lost to abortion?

Reality in Greece.


  • I am really anxious to see what God is going to do next!
  • Had a great lunch yesterday with missionary friends.
  • Praying for our missions conference coming up at church in a couple weeks.
  • I’m excited for our shed project to be completed.
  • How aware of evil are we in our every day life?
  • As I am getting deeper into studying the life of Jesus, I am thinking through points where my life as a Christian stalls. Attitudes? Desires? I pray and hope that I will think, act, speak, and treat people in a way that pleases Jesus.  Much easier said than done.
  • I love our Saturday babysitting co-op with our friends from our local community.  Here’s how it works: 4 couples, as many as nine kids.  One couple volunteers to take a Saturday each month and watch all the kids.  Thus, the other three couples get date nights.  It’s rare that all the kids are at one house (out of town trips and other things do come up).  Our time frame is each Saturday 3:30 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Challenge for today:  do something to show you love someone you don’t like!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Three Mondays from now I will announce a contest for the 2nd annual give away.  My two year anniversary of writing this blog is coming up and I want to celebrate the fun I have doing this by again doing something very challenging.  If I could have one possession right now, it would be an iPad 2.  So I’m going to buy one – but I’m going to give it away to one lucky reader of this blog!  It’s a great challenge and one Julie and I hope brings joy to someone else.  It was awesome to do this last year. There is an added twist this year.  If you would like to save the hassle of selling the iPad because you’d rather use the money for something else, we will write a check in the amount of the iPad to help you get ahead by paying off a debt.  In order to enter, you will have to complete a quiz that will take you approximately one hour.  The quiz will be based on the past year’ blog articles.  All info will be provided Monday 10/31 and the drawing will take place 11/7.  There will be NO RESTRICTIONS on who can enter.

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