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Monday Links and Bullets – 10.1.12

Yet another Monday.  This time, it’s October.  Wow! The usual bunch of challenging articles to read, with some of my input from the week below!




This sort of stuff goes on in the third world.  How exciting!


–A good dilemma to think through: reputation or testimony.

–Just in time for pastor appreciation month, here is a helpful article outlining five types of critics.

Why we end up resenting people or situationsThis is nearly a must read.  Wow is this good.

–Bearing with the sins of others.

Beliefs and causes have consequences.


  • Saturday was an enjoyable day. What a great experience seeing a friend finish his first marathon, and running the whole way to experience it!
  • Sunday (although tired) was more enjoyable.  Can’t say enough about the opportunity to worship and share in the ministry of the Word with fellow believers.
  • Today, however, I have been in a fog!  Hope to snap out of it soon.
  • I am very much looking forward now to my 50 mile run coming up early November.  In the coming weeks I’ll be posting some stories about an organization I’m running for.
  • It really IS that time of year.  The first week of November will by my 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of writing this blog (in the beginning I only did Mondays).  The last two years, I’ve done a special give-away.  I will do something special again this year, I’m just not sure what, so stay tuned!
  • I think the Browns will win 4 games this year.  That includes two in the division.  If you think I’m crazy, refer to the earlier bullet that said I feel like I’m in a fog today.
  • These next three days in baseball are going to be full of drama and excitement.  I’m hoping for some scheduling craziness and some tie-breakers.
  • I have no idea what is in store for our church, but I am really excited to see how God uses us to make disciples.  Lots of unknown, lots of challenges . . . never thought it would be easy!

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