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Monday Links and Bullets 1.3.11

Here we go.  New Year, new set of links and bullets.  LINKS FIRST


–What we need for 2011 wrapped up in three words.


Top Ten stories from religion in 2010.

Very interesting read on abortion.  This talks about abortion from a secular viewpoint.  The humanity of it can’t be escaped.

–Pray for Christians in Egypt.

–How to apply the Gospel to temptations.  Here an article that describes applying the gospel to quitting smoking.

Why we live now.


–A huge problem in the country called Ivory Coast.  Worth knowing about.

Nice piece here on Amnesty International.  Interesting.


  • I watched “The Cat in the Hat” cartoon with my son this morning.  That dude has a sweet car.  Gotta get me one of those.
  • It was fun seeing David get so excited for the people winning stuff on The Price Is Right.  Sidenote:  Drew Cary is terrible on that show.
  • Lots of folks sick and in the hospital from our congregation.  Prayers welcome!
  • We are still having a blast with our little foster girl.  We love her.  We’ve had her almost two months now.
  • Lexi asked me last Friday (New Year’s Eve) who was playing in the football game.  I said “Your mom.”  She replied:  “Mommy doesn’t play football.”  Priceless.
  • Big surprise:  Eric Mangini was fired this morning.  I think Holmgren left him around to be responsible for a team that just wasn’t very good.  Another draft and another round of free agency and now Holmgren can look good as the coach as the team improves.
  • I think Mangini did an OK job, but he should have fired is offensive coordinator.  Play calling was lousy for most of the year – way too conservative to be competitive in the NFL.  Peyton “Whatchyou Talkin’ about ” Hillis seemed like the only game plan they had.
  • A couple of times recently I have offered to pray for people via my Facebook status.  It has been great to know how to pray for specific people – some whom I haven’t had any contact with in quite a while.
  • I do pray that Jesus will be glorified in my life, in my marriage, in our family, and in our church in 2011.  I can’t wait to see what He is going to do and how He is going to change us.  Pray pray pray!!

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