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Monday Links and Bullets 1.24.11

Another Monday, another set of links.  Here we go:


–Heartbreaker alert.  I do challenge you to read this.  Something like this will probably happen to someone you know, and this is a rather detailed look into what it’s like.


–Nice article here on parenting daughters.

How the gospel can be applied to the abortion issue.  Nice, short video.

–Do we love God with our mind?

For what do we pray?


–This is somewhat encouraging.

–Some commentary about boomers being self absorbed.



  • I really want Green Bay to win the Super Bowl.
  • It is hard to type with two fingers only in your left hand.  But, I’m getting used to it.
  • David just said this to me:  “Daddy, I hope you win at your basketball game, because you never win.”  With me and my inured finger out for the season, will our 15 game losing streak come to an end?  Here’s hoping . . .
  • Looking forward to an outstanding weekend.
  • I am praying hard for several friends of ours who seem mired in difficult situations.
  • Similarly, I am rejoicing with MANY friends who are either brand new parents or expecting.  How exciting!
  • I think the Yankees will compete with Tampa Bay for 2nd/3rd in the AL East.  Don’t believe me?  As of now, the Yankees have three legitimate starting pitchers – and one of them is AJ Burnett!
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.  Just stop where you are and ponder how deep it is to think about this.  What if we actually did this?

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