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Monday Links and Bullets 11.14.11

Seems like there’s been a lot going on.  Here are this week’s links and bullets:



Five signs of maturity in a follower of Christ.


–Before Paterno was fired, a good article describing the situation. (I wouldn’t have posted this if it wasn’t worth the read.)

Why scandals happen.  Short read.  Powerful thoughts.

One suggestion for Penn St. as it considers how to respond.


Warn them not to abuse their children.  Unrelated to Penn St., but well stated.

–A good short read about confession.


–An iPad 2 the Kindle Fire is not.

–A real look at U.S. employment.

A guide to religious freedom in the public schools. (I know this is long but a skim is informational!)


  • It is probably most infuriating that people knew what was going on at Penn St. and didn’t do anything.  How you can witness a boy being raped in a shower and not press the issue to the authorities is unfathomable.
  • This holiday season is upon us!  I am really excited for opportunities that will come.
  • I heard three outstanding sermons yesterday on my day off.  Outstanding.
  • To sum the previous bullet: 1) Heaven is a place where we can finally be satisfied by God’s great work and nothing else 2) God’s kingdom is so different than our values it’s unreal and 3) Believers can grow through pain because God is sovereign. That vastly understates the weight of what God communicated to me yesterday, but it at least covers the main points.
  • On that note, I listened to what I would call some seasoned preaching.  I hope God can bring my abilities to those levels as I am seasoned over time.
  • We had a fantastic time as a family between Saturday night and Sunday night.  Fantastic!  Full of play, worship, relaxing, and adventure.
  • I praise God that He created Stony Glen camp.
  • The Browns may not win another game.  Ever.
  • I am really excited to be married.  In our 13th year I am still growing and changing in my ability to communicate and function as the leader of our family and my spouse.
  • Prayer.  Do it.  Be real with God regarding what you feel and what you want to see Him do.

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