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Monday Challenge 9.8.14 – The Osteens, The Bible Matters, What the Culture Can’t Answer

Good Monday everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. I hope these articles are good for challenging your mind and perspective on God and the world around you.

Link(s) of the Week – The Osteens

The Osteeens have been in the news. I’ll let you do your own Google search to see what she said, although it’s quoted in the following articles:

Albert Mohler says happiness can’t bear the weight of the Gospel. David Murray thinks Mohler went overboard. Both articles are good to help you think about the popular Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Question: What’s your view of happiness as it relates to the good news of Jesus Christ?

The Christian Faith

1. Churches must decrease. This is written to a very strong point.

Question: What do you think revival means?

2. Good works: what the culture can’t answer.

Question: How might this help you engage people in talking about Jesus?

3. What you think about the Bible really matters. Really.

Question: How could you respond to people who would separate God’s work from His Word?



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