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Monday Challenge 9.29.14 – Church and Mental Illness, Don’t Hide Shame, Poverty and Marriage

Happy Monday! Even if it’s not happy, be challenged. Here are four articles that cover a good variety of topics. I’ll be back Friday with a feature on the article that gets clicked the most.

Link of the Week

Has something bad happened to you? Have you struggled with secret sins? This article has good encouragement for how to handle shameful things.

Question: Will this give you perspective on your own life or helping others? How?

Churches and Mental Health

Are churches in denial about mental health?

Question: What do you think the church’s role should be?


1. A link between marriage and poverty? Yes, says this article.

Question: For me this was something new to think through – hadn’t thought about this angle. Have you thought about this before?

2. Why isn’t tithing making my financial life better?

Question: Whether tithing or in other areas, is obedience enough for you even if it doesn’t produce immediate results?

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