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Monday Challenge 8.5.13

August is here.  More importantly, Monday is here.  I hope you’re up for a good challenge! Below find several articles I hope will challenge you. Use the questions to think through the articles and what they mean in your life. Stop back Friday and I’ll feature the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

This is a great article for parents of teens.

Question: As a parent, which side do you fall on? Outward performance, or inward desire? Why?

The Christian Faith

1. Here’s an article that can help understand what non-Christians think about Christians.

Question: Non-Christians, do you find this to be true? Christians, how might you better approach your relationships with unbelievers?

2. Here are two fantastic articles about discipleship. First,  Discipleship is being rooted in Christ. Second, Jesus is hard to follow.

Question: How do these articles shape your definition of what it is to make disciples?

3. Moms and dads of daughters: this author is not afraid to have daughters.  Good article, good thoughts.

Question: Does this speak to any specific area of difference in parenting sons/daughters.

4. Scripture: you just won’t understand it all at once.  Persevere!

Question: Will you use this to encourage a believer who is early in their knowledge of the Bible?


1. What should a restaurant do when there is a mistake in an order?

Question: If you work in any area of being in front of people, how important is finding someone to blame?

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