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Monday Challenge 8.31.15 – Praying Destruction, Harsh Review, Sports – Life and Death


Good morning. If you wanted one more Monday in August, you got it! For me, that means one more Monday to share some challenging articles. Check ’em out. I’ll be back on Friday with a look at the article that gets the most clicks. Enjoy – and be challenged!

Praying Destruction

Practically praying against Planned Parenthood. Stephen Altrogge has a balanced, reasonable article applying some of the Bible’s most difficult statements.

Question: How does this article help you square praying against people vs. praying for their salvation?

Sports, Life, and Death

What happens when the distraction isn’t a place of escape? Barnabas Piper shares some good thoughts regarding sports and reality.

Question: Should escape pretend reality doesn’t exist?

A Harsh Review

Shouldn’t Christians just be nice? This review of the Christian film War Room doesn’t pull any punches. I’d suggest honest conversations can help drive toward deeper meaning.

The review itself will help you think through these types of films and how they cover spiritual issues.

Question: Is the review too harsh? Should we show a little more support to fellow Christians?

War and Religion

This article will challenge you to think about the Church’s influence during the Civil War.

Question: Does history help you connect with present national and moral struggles? Did religion make the war worse?

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