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Monday Challenge 8.29.16 – Heroin, Celibacy, Wait to Date


Check out these challenging topics. I can’t give you fluff on Monday!


Two articles from the Akron Beacon Journal’s series on heroin, a HUGE problem in our city/region/state. These will not waste your time.

  1. Why everyone should care.
  2. An allure stronger than love.

Question: What do these articles show you about this crisis that you may not have known?


What a great read about our sexuality. Just read it.

Question: How does this article shape your thinking about sex?

Waiting to Date

…until… Well, read the article and find out.

Question: What strengths or shortcomings does this advice have?

A Rational Argument Against Same Sex Marriage

Not a whole lot new here, but a good summary nonetheless.

Question: What two or three rational points could you give in an unexpected conversation on the topic?

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