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Monday Challenge 8.26.13

Last Monday of August! It’s time for school to start in Akron.  But before Wednesday rolls around, it’s time for Monday Challenge.  What does that mean? It means a bunch of articles that are designed to make you think.  Take your time, read through, use the questions provided to help you challenge the way you think about the various viewpoints.

Link of the Week

Egypt seems like a long way away.  Here is a fantastic article from a trusted source about why we should care about the turmoil going on there.

Question: Is it hard to find this sort of perspective in international politics? For me, it helps with understand believers’ struggles near and far.

The Christian Faith

1. I generally like to preach through books, chapters, etc.  Here’s why.  What a great article about helping Christians go past just music in worship.

Question: Do you study through entire books or do you just look for faith snippets? Are you a “Christianette”?

2. Wow. This makes me sick.  What are relationships coming to?

Question: How can you look for opportunities to teach others the value of others and the value of great, committed relationships?

3. Great truth: God is already satisfied, so quit trying to do it.

Question: What subtle ways do we try to take the place of Jesus and earn God’s favor?

4. We won’t back down. At least, I hope not.  I know I’m not planning on it!

Question: What makes believers most cowardly?

5. Starting school this week? Here is some great advice. If you’re not starting school, pass this on to those who are!

Question: If you are an adult, can you relate to young people at all and the pressures they face at school? How could you bridge that gap?



  1. Is the link correctfor the christian faith point #1?

    • KevinBurkholder says:

      I changed the link. The actual article was a bit longer. I made a quick change to the description too. I could see how that could have been confusing.

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