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Monday Challenge 7.14.14 – Women’s Struggles, Hard Work of Happiness, 3 Parenting Articles

Another Monday. That means it’s time for another Monday challenge! Five articles today to challenge the way we think . . . and act!

Link of the Week

Happiness is hard work. I agree with a lot of what this article has to say.

Question: Do you agree? Are there expectations or ways of thinking that you could stand to adjust?

About Women

Here’s a book review that takes a peak into the struggles of women. Helpful. I’ll add the book to my list of things to read.

Question: Ladies, as you look at the top 10, do you agree?

3 Articles About Parenting

For teens: How do you steer them toward adulthood?

Question: Anything you would add?

For teens: Here’s an article about “the talk”.

Question: What did you find most helpful?

For younger kids: Here’s a follow up to an article from a couple weeks ago regarding sleepovers. Even if you didn’t read the first one, you’ll gain from reading this.

Question: How do you react to the 2nd thing on the list?




  1. Sarah Klingler says:

    Great articles, Kevin! Thanks for sharing so much food for thought. We haven’t allowed our kids to do sleepovers to this point just because we’ve felt they’ve been too young. Now that the kids are getting older, I know we will be dealing with this issue a lot more. We’ve got a lot of things to evaluate, and I appreciate the carefully thought-out perspective of the author. He certainly didn’t push others into believing the way he does, but I found I agreed with so much of what he said.

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