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Monday Challenge 6.2.14 – Gender Video, Grace, Urban Decay Pics, Storms

Monday – time to be challenged. Here are a few things that challenged me this past week. Enjoy!

Link of the Week

This is a great video about boys being boys and how they’re perceived compared to the way they used to be. How do YOU think your school perceives boys? Have a look and be challenged to think.

Question: How can you as an individual help boys keep up?

The Christian Faith

1. What a great article about grace. If you’ve ever wondered about the fine line between trusting God and doing work for Him, this article should help immensely.

Question: What point helped you the most?

2. Ever notice the varying perspectives from storm victims? This article has some good things to say.

Question: Would you be ready to respond to a devastating storm based on your beliefs?

3. Best religious joke ever.

Question: Does this challenge your thoughts?

4. Are you a blessing to your workplace? Here are a few suggestions.

Question: Would you consider any of these?

Urban Decay

Check out these absolutely amazing photos from Detroit. Be sure to scroll down. This is what happens to neighborhood when no one pays attention and everyone leaves.

Question: Do you find a spiritual lesson here too?

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