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Monday Challenge 6.17.13

Monday is here.  I love to challenge readers with articles designed to make you think, and hopefully then do something based on what you’ve read.  Friday, I’ll feature the article that is clicked the most by Monday’s readers. Have a look!

Link of the Week

No matter what side of the abortion issue you are on, can you answer the question a well known Senator refuses to answer? Don’t just hate this senator, do what you can to start a conversation about this with someone to see where they stand on the issue.

The Christian Faith

1. Maybe you don’t want to honor your parents.

This read shows the value of what Jesus has done for us – even when we don’t want to obey.  Is there something specific you can do to honor your parents, or anyone else you may not care to honor?

2. Are you able to give up control?

This article is about terrifying prayers. Stop. Think. Pray. What is God calling you to do that you may simply not want to do? Wow, this Biblical following Jesus thing is harder than you thought, yes?

3. Very challenging stats about pornography.

How much do you struggle with inner purity? The most self condemning thing you can do is stay silent if you have a problem in this area.  Please, find someone who can help encourage you that there truly is hope to overcome this sin!

4. Ten things every Christian should know about Muslims.

This will help separate the facts from the myths.

5. Do you have a view of God that includes the mentally ill?

Rick Warren tweeted this week that the brain is the only part of the body where most Christians can’t accept a breakdown (my paraphrase).  The best thing to do on this is think.  And, if there’s an attitude that needs to change, change it.  How? Get to know someone who is mentally ill, or volunteer your time to help serve those who are.


  1. I’m not sure if I agree with the Rick Warren tweet. Did he mean that Christians have a hard time accepting when they have a mental illness? I have known Christians who have struggled to accept physical illness, and many who are dealing with mental illness and accept it much more willingly.

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