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Monday Challenge 6.12.17 – Killing Christians, Family and Politics, Before You Preach

Good Monday morning! One of the best parts of the information age lies in our ability to find and share meaningful commentary. I enjoy sharing what has challenged me. Ready, set, go on another Monday Challenge…

Killing Christians

Why is killing Christians so appealing? Great question. This article seeks to answer it.

Question: How often do you process the idea that Christians were/are martyred to the glory of God?

Family and Politics

How should you handle it when you disagree with your family regarding politics? This articles gives some challenging suggestions.

Question: How do you react to the author’s point regarding keeping the peace?

From Atheism to Christianity

I enjoy reading these types of stories. A college student’s conversion from atheism to Christianity.

Question: Believer, does this fuel your desire to evangelize?

Before You Preach

You may not be a preacher, but this will give you some insight to the types of things preachers consider (or should).

Question: What surprised you as you looked at this list?


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