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Monday Challenge 5.9.16 – Daughters Who Don’t Date, Liberal Intolerance, Self-Control


Good Monday morning!

Four articles. Four topics. Four ways to embrace challenge.

Daughters Who Don’t Date

Not just an admonishment, this includes practical advice.

Question: Is “de-emphasizing the dating scene” possible? If interested, how would you go about it?

Liberal Intolerance

Great article showing how educational institutions and many liberals in general don’t want to include evangelical Christians in discussion. I wonder how his peers would respond to this.

Question: How does this help you understand “intolerance”?

Self Control

This article discusses self control and how to increase it. Good read.

Question: Which of the tips will help you the most?

Discipling Kids

I’m sure most believers with kids could use suggestions on how best to disciple them. This article boils the advice down to four things.

Question: Which of the four would most increase your discipleship of your kids?



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