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Monday Challenge 5.11.15 – Mothers, Wow! to a Book Review, Why Israel Matters


It’s Monday. I enjoy reading challenging articles each week and sharing them on Monday. I hope you enjoy a good challenge on Mondays also. You probably won’t agree with everything you read (a secret: I rarely agree 100% with everything I post!), so I guess that’s why I call it Monday Challenge.


Mothering is biological, but has many factors. This letter to pastors asks them to consider that – the various ways to pray for mothers here should challenge you.

There is one thing mothers should do, says Ann Voskamp.

Questions: How do these articles help you understand mothers better?


Why does Israel matter? Good question with helpful answers.

Question: What specifically does this article teach you about Israel and why believers should pay attention to its plight as a nation?

Gay Marriage

Two sisters, two opposing views of gay marriage.

Question: Do you think the way these two people write about each others is the norm, or the exception?

A Book Review? Yes!

Yes, a book review. Just reading the review made me want to read the book! Side by Side sounds like a good book.

Question: Would you read it? Do these topics interest you?

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