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Monday Challenge 4.24.17 – Feasting As War, Parents’ Mobile Use, Bill O’Reilly

Good morning. If you don’t qualify it as “good”, at least the bright sunshine expected should help!

And hopefully a good challenge will help as well. Lots to think about…be challenged!

Feasting As War

This article caught my eye. Can we feast as an act of war against our spiritual enemy?

Question: Does this change how you view meals and potlucks?

Parents’ Mobile Use

Does it help or hurt family time? Take a guess then read…

Question: Parents, how can you adapt?

Bill O’Reilly

Great insights here about how the Church can learn from this situation.

Question: What do you make about the last point about men and accountability?

Your Standing Before God

Are Paul and James at odds about our justification before God? Faith? Works?

Question: How would you answer the question about Paul and James being at odds with each other?


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