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Monday Challenge 4.21.14 – You won’t WANT to read this article, but you should

Good Monday. Or, at least I hope it’s a good Monday for you.  Here are a few articles to make you think. I’ll be by on Friday to feature the most clicked link, so read away!

Link of the Week

You won’t really WANT to read this article, but it will force you to think. And, I’m okay with that.

Question: Does this challenge your thinking or action at all?


1. Should happiness matter in parenting?

Question: Did any of the emphases given in this article help you think as you parent, regardless of the kids’ ages?

2. How do you explain hard things to your kids? Good things to think about here, especially for age appropriate answers.

Question: Which questions asked by children catch you most off guard, and how can you be ready to answer differently having read this article?


Here are eight things healthy couples don’t do. I enjoyed this and found it helpful.

Question: Of which of these are you most likely to be guilty?


Here are some creative ways to use old things.

Question: Do these types of articles overwhelm you (as in making you feel like you could never do it), or do they inspire you? Honestly, I’ll probably never do any of these, but they’re cool!


How do you look at things? This article from baseball (read it even if you hate baseball) teaches people about perspective.

Question: Are you most likely to have a positive or negative perspective? How would people around you answer that question?


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