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Monday Challenge 4.20.15 – Power of the Bikini, Praying for Children, Encourage Your Pastor


Another Monday has arrived. How about another set of challenging articles?

The Power of the Bikini

Men and women alike should read this article from a family based website. Boys are wired differently. Interesting.

Question: Will this article bring about any change in your thought or action?

How to Encourage Your Pastor

I don’t use my personal blog to send personal messages. I simply found the article interesting. Have a read and find some way to encourage the people in your life who hold positions of spiritual authority.

Question: What way can you put this article into practice this week?

Pray for Your Children

Praying for your children brings to light the things you can’t do for them.

Question: Is it hard to admit we can’t do everything for our kids? What role does prayer play?

Education Is Social Justice

I found this article thought provoking. Is education social justice? This article makes a case that will make you think.

Question: What is one way you can advocate or act for better education equality?

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