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Monday Challenge 4.17.17 – Easter, Single Women Missionaries, Mandatory Gene Editing?

Another Easter gone by means the presence of another Monday after Easter.

Up for a challenge? Don’t miss some good articles.

He Is Not Dead

Seven victories of the resurrection. You could spend the whole day on this one!

Question: Which of the seven packs the most meaning for you right now?

Single Women Missionaries

I found the courage of such women rather inspiring. May we all have courage for Christ and for the Word of God.

Question: What type of work might God bring about in you? How would you know?

Discipleship Don’ts

This challenged my thinking on making disciples. I hope it does the same for you.

Question: Which don’t proves most easy to do?

Mandatory Gene Editing?

To what level of influence might editing the genes of your children rise? This article suggests a high one.

Question: Do you agree with the author’s prediction?


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