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Monday Challenge 4.14.14 – Hey Church – Be Yourself, Is The Bible True?

Good Monday (late) afternoon! I’m excited to be coming off a very challenging weekend, one which I think will inspire change. More on that later in the week. For now, let me share some articles I found helpful.

Link of the Week

This 20-something author recognizes something very true: there aren’t many 20-somethings looking to be involved in churches these days.  The encouragement: The church shouldn’t try to be too much. It should just be authentic.

Question: What increases (or decreases) a church’s authenticity?

The Christian Faith

1. Is the Bible true?

Question: Which part of this article is most helpful to you?

2. Shelve your shock. As in, when someone shares difficult details, find a better response!

Question: Is your own sin just as shocking as others’?

3. Did Jesus say He created the world in six days? I found this article to be VERY challenging when you look at the sheer scope of the way Jesus talked about the OT and the frankness with which he talked.

Question: How ready are you to take Jesus at His Word?

4. Are you teachable? This is a great question everyone should ask.

Question: Is there any specific way this article challenged you?

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