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Monday Challenge 3.31.14 – Idolizing Sports, Filling Your Life With Joy

Last Monday of March. Time to be challenged.

Link of the Week

As it is opening day for baseball, it is worth sharing this piece about idolizing sports from David Platt. Very challenging for all sports fans.

Question: Would someone be able to tell who or what your God is?

The Christian Faith

1. Ever wonder how to fill your life with joy? This should help you think.

Question: What robs your joy and how can you cut it?

2. Wives, here are five things to pray for your husband.

Question: Ladies – which is the hardest?

3. What a pastor wishes his congregation had been told. As a pastor, I get some of this, and some of it, well…I’m still chewing on.

Question: If you’re not a pastor, what is the most helpful point here?

4. Stories of salvation are very encouraging. This one really challenges us to never give up!

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