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Monday Challenge 3.30.15 – Captive to Terrorists, Suffering and Love, the Facts of Religious Liberty


Good morning. It’s Monday yet again. The articles you find here today come from a variety of perspectives and topics. Be challenged! I’ll be by on Friday with the most clicked link from today’s post.

Captives of Boko Haram

This article is challenging, yes, but that’s the point of a challenging post. You’ll find great insight into the reality of captivity to terrorists.

Question: What did you learn by reading these accounts?

Suffering and Love

How do we react to the accounts of suffering available to us in overwhelming numbers? Let love form in us.

Question: How did this article help you link suffering and love?

Religious Freedom

When it comes to religious freedom laws, know your facts. The media greatly mis-characterize these laws.

Question: What facts do you know about these laws?

Jonah – and ourselves

This quick read about Jonah helps us understand ourselves.

Question: Which of the four points spoke loudest to you?


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