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Monday Challenge 2.29.16 – Prosperity Gospel, Socialism Is Evil, Rousey’s ID


It’s leap day. Well, it’s Monday too. Time for a challenge, and these articles will fit the bill.

Ronda Rousey

This article shows Rousey’s honesty in the wake of her loss. Why would she get so low after one loss?

Question: Have you ever tied your identity too closely to results?

Death and the Prosperity Gospel

Let me present this clearly: sometimes I post articles that simply have made me think. I may not agree fully with everything I post. I encourage you to read this article about the prosperity gospel. I think this fantastic piece will challenge anyone who approaches their faith like this.

Question: How should a believer in Christ approach a grave diagnosis?

A Challenging Book Review

Sometimes just a book review will challenge. I found this one challenging. Stop loving the world!

Question: Does this make you want to read the book?

Is Socialism Evil?

This article says so. It challenged me, so I present this to challenge you.

Question: Does the “evil” label come across too strong? Or does it really fit?


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