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Monday Challenge 2.2.15 – Worship Decisions, Changing Abortion View, Children & Terrorism


It’s a great Monday morning. I’m ready for another day with the kids at home. Praise God for Mondays off.

Hopefully you’ll find today’s links challenging. As usual, Monday’s most clicked link turns into Friday’s Feature.

Worship Decision

Fifteen worship decisions we’ll regret. Still mulling each of these, but it certainly made me think.

Question: Which stands out most to you and how much of that is based on the local church you attend?


Do you tend to be a control freak? These few short paragraphs will help.

Question: Where do you have the hardest time balancing normal control and “out of control” control.

Changing Abortion View

Here’s why this guy changed his view. Not what you might think.

Question: Why do you agree or disagree with this logic?

Terrorism and Children

How ISIS is destroying a generation. This article leads you to heartbreak, but we shouldn’t avoid it in denial of reality.

Question: How does this article change you?

Kids and Salvation

Will God save your kids? This helpful thinking comes from a trusted source.

Question: What dangers of approaching this topic did this article reveal to you?

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