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Monday Challenge 2.15.16 – Doritos and Abortion, Drafting Women, Ordinary Church


Good morning! Monday, once again, drags us into its existence. Maybe you find yourself upbeat this morning. Maybe … not so much. Either way, perhaps a few challenging articles (and a little coffee) will get you thinking.

Doritos and Abortion?

Why on earth did the Doritos ad with a baby on the ultrasound machine upset pro-abortion people so much?

Question: As you put your mind to this article, what are two or three reasons you can think of for why someone would oppose this ad so heavily?

Drafting Women

This article gives a straight answer for why the U.S. shouldn’t draft women for military service.

Question: Which argument spoke to you the most, whether you agree or disagree?

The Humanity of the Super Bowl

Yes, humans play in the Super Bowl. This article helps see into the emotions of a player on the losing side. Worth your time for sure.

Question: Does this help you relate, or do you read here a bunch of sap?

Ordinary Church

The church I pastor fits in the category described in the article. How should we think about these types of churches?

Question: Does what type or size of church you attend color how you think about this article?


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